About Me

I’m a dynamic creative director/designer and longtime lover of design thinking. I built my career telling stories through beautiful pixel perfect designs. Then I learned how to build and ship a project built by cross-functional teams. I shine at making complex challenges simple. I believe that good design balances human needs, technology opportunities, and business requirements.

Interactive Design

I focus on the user and all else will follow. Problem-solving that starts with people will end with innovative solutions.

Visual Design

With a pen & paper, I approach the creative process with an open mind, thoughtful intention, consistency, and balance.

Content Creation

I can help you identify your audience, who you want to speak to and how; while creating unique influencer content.

Multimedia & Photography

I've stepped out from behind the lens & sketchbooks to develop my skills in photo retouching, animating, and 3D rendering.

Design Tools in Heavy Rotation

I enjoy obsessing over details and refining to pixel perfection.

sketch (certified user)


photoshop (adobe certified expert user)


illustrator (adobe certified expert user)


after effects


cinema 4D


invision app




basic css



May '07 - Present
Los Angeles, CA.

Creative Director | August 2015 - Present
• Manage relationships with clients, guiding them through the design thinking process.
• Propel brand differentiation and raise the bar on brand storytelling with measurable results.
• Collaborate with clients, project managers, creatives, engineers, and cross-functional teams to provide feedback and ensure design integrity of projects.

Brand Strategy | May 2016 - Present
• Align innovation, strategy and creative with client/business requirements.
• Help other leaders and companies set their path, define and grow their brand, and bring product and services to market.
• Create integrated campaigns and brand activations that shift perception and creatively elevated client products.

Visual Designer | June 2007 - Present
• Set the bar above current design trends and styles during the initial ideation/design.
• Design dynamic branded campaigns, websites, emails, landing pages, and animated banners across multiple devices.
• Plan, create and implement a design language and systems consistent throughout a brand, product, app or ui platform.

Product Designer | June 2016 - Present
• Effectively communicate conceptual ideas, design rationale and the specifics of user-centered design process.
• Quickly iterate on concepts to bring them to life.
• Partner with PMs, engineers, researchers and content strategists to oversee the user experience of a product from conception to final delivery of product.

Interaction Designer | June 2012 - Present
• Collaborate with the clients, PMs, front-end developers, and engineers to solve design problems and create flexible, intuitive and scalable UI and UX solutions.
• Create wireframes, storyboards, user flows, and site maps to effectively communicate initial interaction and design ideas.
• Effectively communicate design choices & direction to clients by incorporating and articulating design principles which balance the users' needs.

Digital Illustrator | June 2010 - Present
• Illustrate modern 2D characters.
• Design 2D and 3D logos, icons and graphics.

Motion Designer | June 2017 - Present
• Pitch visual narratives and storylines and concept storyboards for clients.
• Design and animate 2D and 3D logos, title sequences, Instagram Stories, lyric videos, and presentation decks.
• Design interactive interfaces animated transitions and onboarding for desktop & mobile apps.

Content Creator | June 2017 - Present
• Create original visual and motion content for multiple platforms.
• Work with clients and researchers to create unique original content that aligns with client, b2c, or b2b products, and the brand voice.
• Use content audits to analyze and improve posting strategy.

Client List: Earnin, BeautyCon, Nike Lab LA, Super Deluxe, Virgin Records, Vice Media, RCA Records, Tesla, Belkin, Speedo, Okayplayer, and DanceOn.

EQ - Equilibrium
Mar '18 - Nov '18
Culver City, CA.

• Led the design team to help define the future of “Solutionist” storytelling.
• Provided oversight and led design points of view across marketing, digital, web, social and events.
• Drove design quality, practice, and offerings that met business, user, and event goals.
• Designed visual narratives and systems applied across all aspects of EQ.
• Drove design innovation that spoke to the market, community, and industry in positive visual solutions.
• Fostered a design-oriented atmosphere by providing career guidance and performance decisions for members of the EQ Design Team.
• Provided directional oversight of individual project team's work and assumed overall accountability for it.
• Made sure all deadlines were met with all work completed to EQ’s requirements.
• Provided UX capabilities: wireframes, flows, information architecture, etc.

Vemba Corp.
Nov '16 - June '17Culver City, CA.

• Executed all design stages of vemba.com's public website relaunch, from concept through final handoff to engineering.
• Evolved designs for the Vemba “Share” product feature (a tool for creators) into a Sharing Suite (tools for enterprise), across desktop and mobile app.
• Re-designed the UI and interactions of an acquired mobile app (Epoxy Social) to align with Vemba’s brand & products.
• Designed UI and visuals for a partner-branded video playlist landing page.
• Created UI sketches, flows, wireframes, and prototypes across desktop and mobile.
• Researched user stories needed to develop and design new features within the Vemba product.
• Established a cohesive visual identity of Vemba's rebrand; from product to all enterprise facing and social marketing materials.

June '15 - Nov '16Venice, CA.

• Led the refresh of epoxy.tv.'s public website. Collaborated with the front-end developer to further simplify the user flow and design into a microsite, post-acquisition.
• Conducted user research and evaluated user feedback to identify opportunities for improvements within Epoxy’s product features.
• Redesigned the “Share” product feature on Epoxy’s Desktop platform. Designed the mobile app version, concept to completion.
• Crafted wireframes, user flows, site maps, interface mockups and prototypes to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas within the Epoxy Platform and mobile app.
• Refreshed and maintained Epoxy’s best practices and brand guidelines.
• Designed marketing initiatives informed by extensive user research.
• Designed all of Epoxy’s shareable product assets. Efforts increased feature usage by 58% one month after implementation.
• Coproduced short-format documentaries, featuring YouTubers. This entailed filming, story research, designing visual assets and marketing materials, and production needs.
• Provided professional photography services and retouching. Talent, marketing, product and social photo shoots.
• Created content across Epoxy’s social media outlets. Graphics, motion graphics illustrations, 3D renders and product/community photography.

Murad Inc.
June '14 - May '15El Segundo, CA.

• One of four designers to relaunch murad.com's eCommerce sites in three months, focused on clean design and improved performance (4x faster).
• Collaborated with engineers and marketing teams to create eCommerce sites, micro and mini-sites, blogs, web banners and email blasts.
• Improved conversion rates with page restructure by 30%.
• Created product renders for eCommerce site and campaigns.
• Designed supporting materials for international promotions and product sales.
• Worked alongside Murad’s social media manager to establish content strategies around campaigns.
• Completed social aspects of Murad’s product photography from staging and taking photographs to editing.

Vice Media
May '14 - April '15Venice, CA.

• Designed and edited motion graphics for series titles, maps, stats, blog posts and social media assets.
• Implemented workflow guidelines of backing up footage and output processes of archiving projects.
• Performed color grading and compositing to render brand-on shots.
• Scouted locations for photo shoots.
• Assisted with indoor/outdoor photo and video shoots: rigging, testing lights, lens settings and focus.
• Worked closely with producers, clients, and the Vice Team to manage a high volume of creative requests.

Amoeba Music
Aug '99 - Jan '10SF & Berk, CA.

• Created marketing campaigns that broadened in-store customer reach, identified their needs and increased overall profitability.
• Developed and maintained revenue driven strategies around unique promotions and weekly 3rd party advertising.
• Managed weekly bookings of coop ads with partners, vendors, and publications.
• Curated and managed the events calendar, representative of international music, movies and cultural experiences in every genre.
• Co-hosted community and industry events while prominently representing and preserving Amoeba Music’s unique integrity.
• Booked and hosted live in-store performances, release date signings, Q&A’s and DJ sets of all calibers.
• Liaised directly with talent reps, music labels and studios regarding promotions and logistics; from stage production to event marketing.
• Communicated with Amoeba buyers, suppliers, and distributors to plan product range and stock quantities around advertising, events, and promotions.
• Worked closely with floor managers to establish best practices of product positioning: displays, featured showcases, end-caps and impulse buys.
• Managed two teams (3 to 4 people each) between both Bay area locations.